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Today's legal environment is complex, challenging, and even intimidating. This is true in criminal cases where a defendant can be facing the loss of important constitutional and civil rights, the imposition of substantial financial penalties, and the possibility of incarceration. It is also true in commercial matters that threaten the viability of a successful business by choking off its cash flow.

Hiring an experienced New Jersey criminal lawyer in these sensitive areas can make a big difference in the outcome of the case. In criminal cases, this seemingly simple decision can make the difference between personal liberty and a prison sentence. In collection cases, an experienced attorney can maximize the recovery on seemingly bad debt, thereby helping business owners to maintain the cash flow that is the life blood of any business.

We meet these goals by providing personalized and cost-effective legal solutions in criminal and collection matters in State and Federal court in New Jersey and New York.


Many New Jersey criminal lawyers represent defendants in criminal cases, and businesses in collection matters. In fact, the selection of an attorney in any particular case is an important decision that can have a lasting impact upon an individual or business. We respond to client needs with this in mind. Working one-on-one with Mr. Friedman, clients benefit from his experience, assertive representation and commitment to their personal or business goals. Mr. Friedman takes the needs and individual circumstances of each client very seriously, and does not distinguish between "large" and "small" cases. Every case is large from the client's perspective, and we understand that and respond accordingly.


Attorney James S. Friedman is a New Jersey criminal lawyer who is determined to obtain the best possible results for clients in any matter. He provides candid, personalized advice and aggressive representation. Mr. Friedman knows that clients benefit from a realistic assessment of their case and a thorough understanding of the potential outcomes of each available legal strategy.

The following principles guide Mr. Friedman's individual relationships with each of his clients:

  • Personalized service — Mr. Friedman listens carefully to his clients and crafts strategies designed to achieve each client's unique goals. He involves clients in making decisions and communicates with them regularly about the status of their cases. He works to build positive relationships with clients that will continue long after the conclusion of any single case.
  • Focus on reality — Mr. Friedman develops a realistic assessment of a particular matter and renders advice accordingly.
  • Efficient representation — Mr. Friedman's desire to represent clients aggressively and develop innovative solutions to legal problems is balanced with a pragmatic, results-oriented approach that focuses on efficiently achieving client goals.
  • Preventive advice and counseling — Mr. Friedman always attempts to anticipate difficulties before they arise and advises clients about how to avoid disruptive, expensive or distracting problems and situations in the future.
  • Cases are concluded as quickly as possible — In addition to resolving issues economically and in a way that achieves client goals, Mr. Friedman always seeks to conclude matters as quickly as possible.

We emphasize the following practice areas:

Criminal Defense
  • Adult and Juvenile Criminal Defense - We represent adult and juvenile defendants in all trial courts throughout New Jersey and New York City, including defendants charged with homicide, robbery, carjacking, assault, kidnapping, sex offenses, child pornography offenses, arson, burglary, theft, insurance fraud, health care claims fraud, obstruction, and drug and narcotics offenses. We also represent defendants with charges in all New Jersey municipal courts, including driving while intoxicated, drug charges, and traffic offenses.
  • Appeals – We represent defendants seeking to appeal convictions from all state and federal trial courts in New Jersey, including convictions from the New Jersey Superior Court, the United States District Court in New Jersey, and all New Jersey municipal courts. We also represent New Jersey prison inmates seeking to appeal adjudications of guilt for violations of institutional rules and procedures, as well as decisions denying parole. We also represent clients on gun permit appeals.
  • Other Post-Conviction Matters – We represent clients seeking to be relieved from their Megan’s Law/Community Supervision for Life (“CSL”) or Parole Supervision for Life (“PSL”) obligations. We also represent individuals with sex offenses who seek to challenge their tier assignment, or who seek relocate to another state. We also represent clients accused of probation and parole violations, as well as clients seeking to expunge their criminal records.
  • Criminal Defendants with Special Needs – We represent criminal defendants with mental health problems or drug or alcohol issues. We understand that there is often a close nexus between mental health or addiction issues and criminal behavior. In these cases, treatment options, as opposed to incarceration may be available.

If you have a trial, appellate or post-conviction matter, selecting the right criminal defense attorney can have a lasting impact on your entire future. Whether you face a State or Federal drug/narcotics charge, a white collar criminal charge, a criminal charge relating to internet usage, a probation or parole violation, or you require an appeal, we will provide client-centered advice and representation tailored to your individual circumstances.

Business Litigation

We represent smaller and medium size businesses in a wide array of commercial litigation matters.


The goal of every collection case is to convert past-due accounts into fresh cash for a business. With this goal in mind, we represent business that are owed money in connection with, among other things, loans, goods or services. Our collection clients are owed money in New Jersey, but come to us from within the State, outside the State, and even outside the United States. We can service your New Jersey collection needs regardless of where your business is based.

Commercial clients do not want to be involved in litigation. They want simply to collect the maximum amount due on their outstanding debt in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We work hard to collect outstanding debt without litigation. Where litigation is necessary, we move the case through the court system as promptly as possible. Once we obtain a judgment, we use the latest technology to uncover assets, and pursue debtors aggressively until the obligation is satisfied.

Account debtors will frequently attempt to evade payment of a perfectly legitimate obligation by seeking bankruptcy protection. New Jersey collection attorney James S. Friedman is a former Law Clerk to a New Jersey bankruptcy judge, has practiced bankruptcy law for many years, and is thoroughly familiar with the bankruptcy process. We can therefore represent the interests of its commercial clients in State court collection proceedings and, if necessary, proceedings in the United States Bankruptcy Court.

Tax Services

We represent individual and business taxpayers in disputes with the Internal Revenue Service and New Jersey Division of Taxation. We also represent defendants in cases involving allegations of tax crimes.


If you are a defendant in a State or Federal criminal case in New Jersey or New York City, if you seek to appeal a criminal conviction, or if you have been charged with a probation or parole violation, contact us online or call 800-361-6554 (toll free) for aggressive and thorough representation.

If you are a business or individual seeking representation in a commercial litigation or tax matter, contact us to discuss your situation.

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Client Reviews
"I hired Mr. Friedman to represent my son in a criminal matter that could have landed him in jail. Nobody in our family had ever been involved with the criminal justice system before, so this was all very new to us. He was very patient, answered all of our questions, and made sure we understood everything each step of the way. By the time the case was over, my son had a reduced charge for which he only had to pay some fines." Anonymous
"Mr. Friedman represented me when I was one of several students caught with drugs in a college dorm room. I was set to graduate at the end of the semester, and thought this case would ruin my life. He got my charges dismissed, and the record expunged. This lawyer was a total lifesaver!" Anonymous
"Our daughter has mental health issues. She got into a scuffle with the police and was charged with assaulting an officer. Our attorney, Jim Friedman, was able to show the prosecutor and Judge that the real problem here was her mental stability. She was placed on probation and avoided jail time. Most other lawyers we spoke to refused to take this case, but Jim Friedman took it and got us a great result. Thank you Mr. Friedman!" Anonymous
"I had federal criminal charges and felt totally lost. I was one of who knows how many defendants in this case, and I read on the Internet that almost everyone in federal court end up with a prison sentence, so I was really scared. My first lawyer, who told me that I would probably spend at least some time in prison, barely gave me the time of day after I paid him. Then I hired Jim Friedman to represent me. He stayed with me throughout the entire process. He was always available to answer my questions, and never let me lose hope. He negotiated aggressively with the federal prosecutor and I ended up with a short term of probation. I knew I would get convicted of something, but this lawyer kept me out of jail." Anonymous
"The only part of my trial that was better than watching Mr. Friedman question the witnesses was when the jury came out and said “not guilty” over and over again. You have to see this lawyer in court!" Anonymous
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