Commercial Litigation

New Brunswick, New Jersey commercial litigation firm representing large and small companies in commercial disputes in state and federal courts throughout New Jersey.

Protracted litigation can hurt any business. Small and medium-sized business owners have put too much into building their company, only to allow it to be ruined by litigation. James S. Friedman, LLC, understands this, and works with its clients to manage the risks posed by commercial lawsuits. We want to help you protect your business.

The firm provides needed value to its commercial litigation clients by offering cost-effective and results-oriented strategies and solutions to the issues and problems that inevitably arise from commercial suits.

Litigation costs are an issue in every case, regardless of the nature of the dispute. We are very sensitive to cost issues – both attorney’s fees and expenses – and work diligently to keep them as low as possible. Our rates are typically lower than those of our competitors, but the level of service is the same. We protect and advance our clients’ interests without making needless motions or engaging in discovery activities that do little, if anything, to help our clients meet their goals and objectives. The fact that we are a smaller firm enables us to keep litigation costs down, since we avoid cost overruns, overstaffing and duplicative services that frequently stem from large law firm representation.

We represent large companies, small and medium-sized businesses, and individuals. When it comes to meeting client needs, we do not distinguish between large corporate clients and sole proprietors. We believe strongly that a small or medium-sized business or individual should have the same quality representation available to large corporations with substantial litigation budgets.

We represent business clients in contract disputes, disputes concerning the quality or quantity of goods or services provided, failure to pay for goods or services, interference with current or prospective business relations, and business torts. Our clients include, but are certainly not limited to, lenders, builders, developers, and real estate owner-operators. The firm’s offices are centrally located in New Brunswick, which allows us to represent businesses in the state and federal courts located throughout New Jersey.

The firm understands that litigation is not always necessary to resolve a business dispute and, where possible, seeks to negotiate settlements that resolve lawsuits quickly and efficiently, or even head off legal action before it starts. Mr. Friedman is a trained mediator, and frequently mediates disputes between businessmen whose disagreements have brought them to the brink of litigation. We want to get our clients back to what they do best, which is running a successful business.

We also try to anticipate problems before they occur. Whether it is an existing client that has a long-standing relationship with our firm or a new client that is meeting us for the first time, we work diligently to advise them about problems and issues that we think have the potential to develop into a lawsuit. We will always try to suggest and implement strategies and solutions that will keep a relatively small problem from developing into full-blown litigation.

Our commercial litigation practice is built on relationships. We value those relationships and always look for ways to make them stronger.

If your company is involved in a lawsuit in the state or federal courts in New Jersey, or if you are facing a commercial dispute that may develop into litigation, contact us to learn about what we can do to solve the problem and get your business back on track.

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