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A New Jersey law firm that Provides Personalized, Cost-Effective and High Quality Legal Services in the State and Federal Courts of New Jersey and New York City

From its humble beginnings in January 2000, James S. Friedman, LLC, has evolved into a highly respected New Jersey criminal defense and commercial litigation law firm with State-wide, and even multi-state, reach. The firm represents clients in the State and municipal courts of all 21 New Jersey counties, as well as the courts of surrounding States. Our practice is not limited to the State courts of New Jersey and New York City, but includes an active Federal court practice, as well.

Every law firm has a philosophy and a vision of itself, and James S. Friedman, LLC, is no different. First, the firm prides itself on providing its clients with legal solutions that are tailored to the unique needs and circumstances of the client and the case. The firm also emphasizes providing cost-effective legal solutions. We do not skip or cut corners just to save money but, at the same time, try to avoid waste and needless fees and costs. We understand that many people would rather not spend money on legal fees and expenses, but that such expenditures are sometimes unavoidable. At the conclusion of any case, we want our clients to believe that they received quality legal services in exchange for a fee that was reasonable in light of the nature and extent of the work required to properly service their matter. Finally, the firm emphasizes lasting relationships with its clients. We do not want clients to use us only once; rather, we want them to turn to us every time they need an attorney in one of our core practice areas.

The firm practices in the areas of criminal defense, and commercial/business litigation and related matters. Each of these areas obviously focuses on clients with different needs and concerns. Criminal clients - particularly juveniles and first-time adult offenders - typically are very anxious about their situation. Collection clients wonder how quickly and efficiently they can convert seemingly bad debt into cash for their businesses. We understand and respect these concerns, and respond to them as fully as possible under the unique circumstances of each case.

We are also innovative and have a diverse client base. Our business litigation practice includes a wide array of business and individual clients seeking to collect debts in the State and Federal courts of New Jersey and New York City. Our criminal defense practice includes defendants facing criminal charges, defendants seeking to appeal their convictions, and individuals grappling with the lasting effects of criminal convictions that continue long after the disposition of the underlying criminal case.

The firm's office in New Brunswick, New Jersey are easy to reach by car or public transportation. For the convenience of our clients, we offer selected night and weekend appointments. We also offer a free initial consultation in most matters.

Our website contains a lot of information about who we are, what we do and how we do it. We encourage you to read it and to ask questions. We are confident that once you read the material included here and speak to us, you will select James S. Friedman, LLC, for legal representation in any criminal or business litigation matter you may have.

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