Hudson County, New Jersey

Hudson County Courthouse

Geographically, Hudson County is the smallest county in New Jersey. In terms of population, it is the fastest growing, and most densely populated, New Jersey County. Adjacent counties include New York County, Kings County, Essex County, Union County, and Bergen County. Transportation in and out of the County is by road, railway and waterway. Jersey City is the County Seat, the largest city in the County, as well as the location of the Superior Court and Hudson County Prosecutor's Office. The Hudson County Jail is located in Kearny.

Cities and towns in Hudson County include:

  • Bayonne
  • Guttenberg
  • Harrison
  • Hoboken
  • Jersey City
  • Kearny
  • North Bergen
  • Secaucus
  • Union City
  • Weehawken
  • West New York

The Hudson County Prosecutor's Office includes the following specialized units and sections:

Homicide Task Force - This unit investigates and prosecutes all murders and suspicious deaths, as well as deaths that occur in custody, and shootings involving police officers.

Juvenile Unit - This unit investigates and prosecutes acts of juvenile delinquency that are heard in the Superior Court, Family Division, Juvenile Part. The offenses include drug/narcotics offenses, disorderly conduct, theft, aggravated assault, robbery, sexual assault, and homicide.

Insurance Fraud - This unit, working with the State's Office of the Insurance Fraud Prosecutor, investigates and prosecutes insurance fraud and related crimes. Offenses handled by the Insurance Fraud Unit include allegedly false and/or fraudulent claims for losses filed with an insurance company; falsified or fraudulent motor vehicle insurance identification cards; arson (vehicle or structure); health care claims fraud; staged car accidents; and false claims for workers compensation.

Special Investigations Unit - This unit investigates and prosecutes a wide variety of offenses including, without limitation, embezzlement, forgery, credit card fraud, theft of services, crimes involving violation of public trust, official misconduct, manufacture and sale of counterfeit goods ("bootlegged"merchandise and/or "knockoffs"), cargo theft and murder for hire.

Security Planning Unit - Works with federal and state counterparts on counterterrorism matters.

Special Victims Unit - Investigates and prosecutes offenses involving allegations of sexual assault involving adults or children; child abuse, exploitation and molestation; kidnapping; child pornography; and human trafficking. This Unit also handles issues related to Megan's Law.

Task Force Unit - The investigative and prosecutorial functions of this Unit are currently divided among three sections. The Narcotics Task Force focuses on mid-level and upper level drug trafficking and distribution organizations. The Gang Task Force focuses on allegedly gang-related activities involving violent crime, weapons and illegal drugs. The Municipal Task Force works with cities and towns concerning local criminal issues.

Internal Affairs Unit - Investigates and prosecutes incidents of police misconduct. This includes, but is not limited to, excessive use of force, police corruption, racial profiling, mistreatment of prisoners, selective enforcement, and tampering with evidence.

Do you have a criminal matter in the New Jersey Superior Court in Hudson County? Do you have a disorderly persons offense, petty disorderly persons offense, DWI or traffic matter in any Municipal Court in Hudson County? Does a member of your family have a juvenile delinquency petition pending before the Juvenile Part of the Hudson County Family Division? If the answer to any of these questions is "yes", your next telephone call should be to James S. Friedman LLC. Call us now to discuss your options and defense strategy.

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