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A state-Wide Practice Based in Central New Jersey

The law firm of James S. Friedman LLC is based in New Brunswick, one of the largest cities in central New Jersey and the seat of Middlesex County. The firm's placement in New Brunswick is not accidental. We represent clients in all State and Federal courts throughout New Jersey, and in New York City. Our location is convenient for our clients, and enables us to provide high-quality, cost-effective legal representation over a large, diverse geographical area.

The firm goes everywhere! Any County. Any Municipality. Any Federal District Court. Anytime.

Many attorneys in New Jersey view themselves as bound to a particular county (their "home county"). James S. Friedman LLC has a very different outlook. Our home county is New Jersey and New York City. The firm's criminal defense practice is truly State-wide, and even extends into New York State. We will represent criminal defendants in any Superior Court in any New Jersey County. We will represent defendants in Municipal Court matters in any municipal court in New Jersey. In federal cases, the firm will represent criminal defendants in any Federal District Court in New Jersey. We are there when and where our clients need us, and we do not care where the Superior Court, Municipal Court or Federal District Court is located. Further, our reach extends into the State and Federal courts located in New York City. Simply put, our clients call, and we go.

New Jersey's Simple and Uniform Court System

New Jersey has 21 counties, each with a distinct character. The court rules and procedures in many other state court systems vary significantly from county to county, and sometimes between different courts in the same county. New Jersey is different. Generally speaking, our Courts follow the same rules and procedures, regardless of location. Typically, variations between different counties and municipalities are relatively minor. As a result, an experienced attorney from one part of the State can appear elsewhere and know what to expect.

The New Jersey State Courts

As presently structured, New Jersey has one of the simplest State court systems in the country. This system includes the following:

Municipal Courts - Every New Jersey municipality has a Municipal Court, and most New Jersey residents who encounter the State's court system at some point in their life will do so at this level. Generally speaking, Municipal Courts hear traffic and low-level criminal offenses, such as disorderly persons, petty disorderly persons offenses and DWI cases. Smaller New Jersey municipalities may share a Municipal Court with a neighboring municipality, but these joint courts follow the same rules as any other Municipal Court. Municipal Court convictions can be appealed to the Superior Court of the county where the Municipal Court of conviction sits.

Tax Court - The name speaks for itself.

Superior Court - This is the State's general trial-level court. The Superior Court Criminal Division hears indictable (felony) cases, but will occasionally dispose of non-indictable (non-felony) charges as well. Defendants convicted of an offense here can appeal their conviction to the Superior Court Appellate Division.

The New Jersey Supreme Court - The State's highest court, which hears appeals from the Superior Court Appellate Division.

The Federal District Courts in New Jersey

New Jersey currently has Federal District Courts in three vicinages - Newark, Trenton and Camden. These Courts hear cases arising under Title 18 of the United States Code (the Federal Criminal Code), and related statutes. Criminal convictions from the Federal District Court may be appealed to the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

All Courts - All Crimes

Many lawyers say it, but not every lawyer does it. If you require representation in a criminal case in any State or Federal court in New Jersey or New York City, contact James S. Friedman LLC. We will be there with you when your day in court comes, regardless of where the court is.

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