Parole Violations and Violation Hearings

New Jersey Attorney representing parolees accused of violating the terms and conditions of their supervised releaseParole-Violations-and-Violation-Hearings

Parole is conditional release from prison that allows the parolee to live in the community under the ongoing supervision of a parole officer. It is usually awarded to inmates after they have served a specific portion of their sentence, and demonstrated good behavior while in prison. Like probation, parole frequently comes with terms and conditions that must be complied with strictly. If parolees do not comply with the terms and conditions of their release, they risk being charged with a violation. If this happens, they can be returned to State prison after a relatively brief and informal hearing.

Judges do not conduct violation hearings. Rather, Parole Board representatives conduct these proceedings. As such, the parolee is not having their violation reviewed in a fair and balanced forum. The deck is stacked against them from the outset of the violation process. They require aggressive representation designed to present the strongest possible case on their behalf, and to protect their rights.

As with probation violation matters, many parolees believe that their parole officer is their friend. As such, they think that the likelihood of being charged with a violation for a "small" problem is very low. Nothing could be further from the truth. Rather, the officer is not the parolee's friend, and will seek to charge the parolee with a violation for even a slight infraction of the rules.

Knowledgeable About Parole Hearings

New Jersey criminal defense lawyer James S. Friedman represents clients accused of violating the terms and conditions of their parole. Attorney Friedman understands the rules and procedures governing parole, and frequently represents clients at violation hearings.

Circumstances that can result in a parole violation include:

  • Leaving the geographic area defined by the authorities;
  • Associating with known criminals or other prohibited persons;
  • Not working as required;
  • Using drugs or alcohol in violation of the terms of release;
  • Failing a drug test;
  • Failing to report to the parole officer as scheduled;
  • Owning or carrying a weapon;
  • Getting arrested for a new offense;
  • Failing to maintain gainful employment; and
  • Failing to maintain status as a student, or complete an educational program successfully.
Offering Clients Vigorous and Proactive Representation in Parole Matters

James S. Friedman represents parolees charged with violations at all phases of the hearing process. People may violate parole unknowingly, or because of an unforeseen change in personal circumstances. Mr. Friedman investigates the charges diligently with an eye toward identifying any defenses that may be asserted on the parolee's behalf, and assists clients in presenting the reason for the violation to the authorities reviewing the matter in the most favorable light possible. As with all cases, he seeks to obtain the best possible outcome under the circumstances.

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