Removal From Megan’s Law and Lifetime Supervision

New Jersey Megan’s Law Attorney representing clients in motions for removal from Megan’s Law registry and termination of Community Supervision for Life/Parole Supervision for Life obligations in all New Jersey counties. If you are currently subject to Megan’s Law or CSL / PSL and believe you meet the criteria discussed below, you should be speaking to a parole supervision for life attorney in New Jersey.

Removal from Megan’s Law Megan’s Law requires public disclosure of certain information regarding sex offenders. Community Supervision for Life/CSL or, more recently, Parole Supervision for Life/PSL require, among other things, sex offender supervision by a parole officer. These statutes are harsh, and can easily affect every aspect of someone’s life. If you are subject to them, you want to get off as soon as possible.

Megan’s Law was enacted in New Jersey in 1994. In 1996, Megan’s Law was enacted on the federal level, giving states the ability to alert the public of the presence of a sex offender in the community. Another federal law enacted in 2016 requires that foreign governments receive notice when a United States citizen who is a registered sex offender enters their country.

Individuals who are convicted, or juveniles who are adjudicated delinquent, of certain “sex offenses” as defined in the New Jersey criminal code must register as sex offenders, and can be subject to parole supervision for life. The obligations associated with registration and supervision can require them to maintain regular contact with police and parole officers, bar them from living or working in certain places or settings, and require them to comply with travel restrictions. Sometimes, Megan’s Law registration and PSL can even prevent someone from attending family events, such as their own child’s birthday party. Registration and supervision also carry a severe social stigma that can be, and often is, embarrassing and humiliating. Finally, a special sentence of parole supervision for life may be particularly onerous since it can include a series of restrictions on Internet access. Given the importance of the Internet in virtually every aspect of modern life, these access restrictions can be devastating. An experienced New Jersey Megan’s Law lawyer will understand, and know how to respond to, these issues.

Generally speaking, to get off Megan’s Law, a person:

  1. Must not have committed an offense within 15 years following the later of their conviction or release from a correctional facility for any term of imprisonment imposed;
  2. Must show that they are not likely to pose a threat to the safety of others in the community;
  3. Must not have a conviction for more than one sex offense; and
  4. Must not have been convicted of aggravated sexual assault under any circumstances, or sexual assault where the actor commits an act of sexual penetration and the actor uses physical force or coercion.

Generally speaking, to get off Parole Supervision for Life/PSL, a person:

  1. Must not have committed a crime for 15 years from the date of their last conviction or release from custody, whichever is later; and
  2. Must show that they are not likely to pose a threat to the safety of others in the community if released from parole supervision.

A motion for removal from Megan’s Law and termination of parole supervision for life can be made simultaneously. The motion must be supported by, among other things, an evaluation by a mental health professional (typically a psychologist or psychiatrist), to show that the person seeking termination is not a threat to the safety of others.

Under current law, one new criminal charge or conviction can bar termination, and the 15-year clock will not start to run anew from the date of the new conviction. Further, the new offense does not have to be a sex offense for this bar to apply. Only a seasoned parole supervision for life lawyer in New Jersey can tell you if you have an issue because of a charge or case that followed your Megan’s/PSL case.

Finally, the rules may be different if the applicant was less than 14 years of age at the time of their original case. A juvenile Megan’s Law attorney can tell you if these differences apply to you.

The foregoing is a very general discussion of the baseline requirements for getting off Megan’s Law and CSL / PSL. Only an experienced New Jersey parole supervision for life lawyer can tell you if your unique circumstances fit the above criteria.

We are Megan’s Law attorneys in New Jersey who prepare comprehensive motion papers in support of applications for removal and/or termination that argue every conceivable fact which can help lead to success. Additionally, our firm works with numerous experienced mental health professionals who understand Megan’s Law and Parole Supervision for Life, and know how to prepare effective evaluations that greatly increase the prospect for removal from the purview of these overbearing statutes.

If you are subject to the requirements of these onerous and burdensome laws and you meet the above criteria, then you should speak to a New Jersey parole supervision for life attorney as quickly as possible. Don’t remain subject to the nightmares of Megan’s Law and PSL any longer than you have to.

Middlesex County criminal defense attorney James S. Friedman, Esq., represents individuals seeking to be relieved of their Megan’s Law and Parole Supervision for Life/PSL obligations. If you are unfortunately subject to these statutes, satisfy the above requirements, and have had enough, call us.

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