Once Again - A Great Result
Mr. Friedman has been my attorney for several years. I recently had to call him again for a new case. As always, he took the time to explain my situation and answer all of my questions. He was with me in court for every hearing, and met with the prosecutor about the charges. In the end, he got the charges downgraded to something very minor. Thanks again - you are the BEST!

We live across the country, but have a relative in New Jersey who got into some trouble and needed help. We found out about the problem at about 3:00 a.m. on the morning of a court date, and immediately located Mr. Friedman on the Internet and called him. We told him we had a real emergency, and that we needed help fast. He was on the phone with us for an hour discussing the case. We retained him and he was in court that morning. He later got the charges thrown out.

Awesome Lawyer.
When the case, started, I was charged with a first-degree robbery. Then I hired Mr. Friedman. He was very aggressive, investigated all of the facts, and negotiated hard with the prosecutor. In the end, I was charged with violating a municipal ordinance. Everything else was dismissed. Glad Mr. Friedman was in my corner. He literally saved my life!

He literally saved my life!
I was falsely accused in a robbery and was facing 20 years. Mr. Friedman investigated the facts, met with me to discuss the case numerous times, and spoke with the prosecutor. I don't even remember how many times we went to court, but he was willing to go as many times as it took to get the job done. In the end, he got the charges dropped. If you want a lawyer who really cares about his clients, Mr. Friedman is your man!!!!

Reasonable fees, Excellent result.
I had never been in trouble before, and was really scared about what could happen with my case. I spoke with several other lawyers, but they all asked for astronomical fees, and did not really seem to care about me or my situation. Mr. Friedman guided me through each step of the process all the way to a dismissal of the charges. I have since referred him to a friend who told me they are also very happy with him.

Praise From a Very Satisfied Client!
Mr. Friedman provided fantastic representation at every stage of my case. He was open, honest, and gave frank advice that was always correct. He was also always available to answer questions, and remained in touch with me even after hours and on weekends. He really seemed to understand how stressful the case was for me, and treated me like a human being. I was also very pleased with the result.

Great Lawyer.
We were really nervous when our son was charged. Mr. Friedman listened to us and made sure we understood everything that was happening. There were no surprises and he got the case dismissed.

Very satisfied!
Compassionate lawyer who really cares about his clients. Always stayed in touch and answered all of my questions. Helped me work through a bad situation and got a great result.

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