The Collection Process

The Collection ProcessNew Jersey Collection Attorney Representing Lenders and Other Businesses in The State and Federal Courts of New Jersey

Business people hate litigation, and we understand that. We know that our clients do not want to be involved in litigation unless it is absolutely necessary. Clients typically view litigation as a time consuming distraction that ultimately lessens the value of their claim against a debtor. The bottom line is, well, the bottom line - the client's goal is to get paid. Toward that end, we work through the collection process as quickly as possible, but in a manner that makes business sense for the client and the client's business objectives.

Every case is different, and therefore requires a different collection strategy. Work begins with a thorough analysis of a file to determine whether it even makes sense to pursue the underlying debt. It is important to learn as much as possible about the debtor's status and available assets early in the collection process. Unfortunately, not all valid debts are collectable. If it appears that viable resources are being invested in a fruitless collection effort, we will advise the client accordingly.

If a debt is collectable, it may become obvious very early in the process that a particular case can be resolved only by starting suit. We understand, however, that this is not always true. Although we are always prepared to institute litigation and proceed to Court, We attempts to avoid this wherever possible because of the costs to the client. Accordingly, virtually every case begins with a relatively simple but firm demand for payment, typically in the form of a letter. Litigation results if and when this letter is not met with an appropriate response, such as payment of the outstanding obligation.

If a lawsuit is necessary, we work to conclude it as promptly as possible, and with as few court appearances and as little discovery as circumstances allow. The reason for this is simple - court appearances and the discovery process can be disruptive to the client, and frequently amount to little more than bad faith efforts by debtors to delay payment. Accordingly, from the day the lawsuit begins, our goal is to obtain a judgment or favorable settlement as quickly and as efficiently as possible. We appear regularly in the Superior Court of New Jersey and the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey on behalf of our collection clients, and are well known in these venues.

Judgments are frequently easy to obtain, but must then be turned into money. Thus, upon receiving a judgment, we move quickly into post-judgment proceedings so as to identify and locate assets and seize them for our client. Execution can be complicated by a debtor's efforts to hide assets, or place them beyond the reach of creditors. We use all available means (including the latest technology and private investigators) to find hidden assets, and then seizes them in satisfaction of the obligation owed to our client.

Finally, litigation is not the only process available to resolve disputes concerning debts. Where a formal process is necessary, but litigation simply makes no sense, we seek to negotiate disputes within the framework of arbitration or mediation. These processes can result in a relatively speedy resolution and prompt payment. If desired, they may also be used to promote the continuation of the business relationship between the client and the debtor.

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Client Reviews
"I hired Mr. Friedman to represent my son in a criminal matter that could have landed him in jail. Nobody in our family had ever been involved with the criminal justice system before, so this was all very new to us. He was very patient, answered all of our questions, and made sure we understood everything each step of the way. By the time the case was over, my son had a reduced charge for which he only had to pay some fines." Anonymous
"Mr. Friedman represented me when I was one of several students caught with drugs in a college dorm room. I was set to graduate at the end of the semester, and thought this case would ruin my life. He got my charges dismissed, and the record expunged. This lawyer was a total lifesaver!" Anonymous
"Our daughter has mental health issues. She got into a scuffle with the police and was charged with assaulting an officer. Our attorney, Jim Friedman, was able to show the prosecutor and Judge that the real problem here was her mental stability. She was placed on probation and avoided jail time. Most other lawyers we spoke to refused to take this case, but Jim Friedman took it and got us a great result. Thank you Mr. Friedman!" Anonymous
"I had federal criminal charges and felt totally lost. I was one of who knows how many defendants in this case, and I read on the Internet that almost everyone in federal court end up with a prison sentence, so I was really scared. My first lawyer, who told me that I would probably spend at least some time in prison, barely gave me the time of day after I paid him. Then I hired Jim Friedman to represent me. He stayed with me throughout the entire process. He was always available to answer my questions, and never let me lose hope. He negotiated aggressively with the federal prosecutor and I ended up with a short term of probation. I knew I would get convicted of something, but this lawyer kept me out of jail." Anonymous
"The only part of my trial that was better than watching Mr. Friedman question the witnesses was when the jury came out and said “not guilty” over and over again. You have to see this lawyer in court!" Anonymous